Dottoressa Serena Maruccia

Urinary stress incontinence treatment with Remeex in a patient with epispadias: a case report.


Epispadias is a rare condition in women. A postmenopausal 53-year-old woman with a known problem of epispadias came to our outpatient clinic complaining of persistent severe urinary stress incontinence without overactive bladder symptoms.

She had previously undergone an inefficacious tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure in another institution. We implanted a Remeex (Mechanic External Regulation) device without applying any tension to the sling. Two tape regulations were performed the day after surgery and 2 months later to gain continence. At 13 months of follow up, this woman was asymptomatic and satisfied. As documented by this case here, the Remeex procedure is particularly suitable in selected high-risk patients where TVT and TVT live slings are less effective.


Soligo M, Proietti F, Cortese M, Villa M, Maruccia S, Milani R.