Dottoressa Serena Maruccia

Thulium Laser Prostate Enucleation in Refractory Urinary Retention: Operative and Functional Outcomes in a Large Cohort of Patients.



To evaluate the functional and operative results of thulium laser enucleation of the prostate (thulep) in patients with indwelling catheters for refractory urinary retention.



Patients with indwelling catheter, undergoing thulep for benign prostate hyperplasia, were prospectively enrolled. Every episode of urinary retention was treated with urinary catheter positioning followed by at least 2 attempts of catheter removal. Patients were investigated with flowmetry and the self-administered international prostate symptom score questionnaire at 30 and 90 days following thulep.


Three hundred eighty-one patients underwent thulep, and 99 of these had indwelling catheters, but only 93 (24%) were eligible according to the inclusion criteria. In 46 patients the bladder catheter was removed on the first postoperative day, in 31 patients on the second postoperative day, in 5 patients on the third postoperative day, in 6 patients on the fourth postoperative day, in 1 patient on the fifth postoperative day, and in 2 patients each on the sixth and seventh postoperative days. The average hospital stay was 2.3 (±1.7) days. No patients undergoing thulep, at the 90-day follow-up, required further catheterization. Flowmetry showed significant improvement in all parameters, and the mean international prostate symptom score dropped from 21.33 preoperatively to 3.2 (p = .004) at 90 days postoperatively.


This prospective study shows that thulep is a safe and effective approach in refractory urinary retention patients. In our case series, no patients required postoperative intermittent catheterization. All functional outcomes investigated reported a statistical significant improvement.


Carmignani L, Pastore AL, Picozzi SC, Finkelberg E, Ratti D, Vizziello D, Schirinzi ML, Saccà A, Pisano F, Maruccia S.